Parallel session 1

Tuesday 22 August, 10:15 – 11:45

Session 1A – paper
Aging, illness and spirituality

a. Family carers of advanced cancer patients – experiences with pastoral care
b. Religious faith and subjective well-being in institutionalized elderly people in Switzerland
c. Spiritual life review intervention in older adults with cancer
d. Researching existential needs in persons with dementia


1B – panel
Psychoanalysis and Religion: Contextualizing the believer and unbeliever, mysticism and metaphors
– In honor of Ana-Maria Rizzutto
Chair: Gry Stålsett

a. Becoming a believer, becoming an unbeliever, The contribution of Ana-Maria Rizzutto to the Psychology of Religion in the light of Clinical Practice
b. Psychoanalysis and Mysticism: Problems and possibilities
c. The Vital Role of Metaphors in Psychotherapy