Poster presentations

Poster abstracts are available in the Program and Abstracts Book.

NR. Title Presenter
1. Meaning in Life through Photography: Youth exposed to family violence and their stories Maria Stensvold Ånonsen
2. Prohibition of drawing of God is Islam and strategies of Iranian children to draw image of God Zahra Astaneh
3. The Sociopsychological Approach of Erich Fromm in Critical Discussion with current Religious Education – A Contribution to the Creation of New Theories in the Field of Religious Education Annette Bohner
4. Body Image and Religiosity Among Veiled and Non-Veiled Turkish Women Sarah Demmrich, Sümeyya Atmaca
5. Spiritual Religious Coping and Spiritual Struggles Among Patients with Cancer and Elderly Inpatients in Brazil Mary R G Esperandio
6. Dancing on the boundaries. Crime and religiosity Ignazio Grattagliano
7. Ambivalence and process of religious coping during a caregiving experience. An empirical study with caregiving spouses Annette Haussmann
8. Dynamics in change of religious views in a secular country Klara Malinakova
9. How Psychoanalysis Can Make Faith Possible Frank Malone
10. Existential, spiritual and religious needs and considerations in Danish inpatients diagnosed with depression, Existential, spiritual and religious considerations, needs and resources in Danish inpatients diagnosed with depression – an outline of a forthcoming research project Tobias Opsahl
11. Religiosity and supervisor ratings of professional qualities among hospital nurses Lukas Pitel
12. Well-being and religious coping in three Italian groups: homosexual believers, charismatic Catholics Germano Rossi
13. Inter-religious Marian Image and the Japanese Psyche: A Study of “Maria-Kannon (Mary-Guanyin)” from the 17th Century to the Present Chizuko Saito
14. Spirituality and Religiosity in Adults: A Systemic View of Spiritual Development Jessica Silva
15. The moderating effect of attachment to God on the loss-depression relation in late life: Findings from a longitudinal study Evalyne Thauvoye
16. Spirituality and Resilience Carla Tomás
17. Psychological needs within the conversion to new religious movements – Findings from a qualitative study of the neo-brazilian group Terra Sagrada Sarah Franziska Tran-Huu
18. Longing – a Dynamic Power in Becoming towards spirituality and transcending life Venke Ueland
19. Relational Death at Home – Sources of Meaning in the Stories of a Dying Patient and Family Carer Auli Vähäkangas
20. Remembering past lives: The cognitive foundations of why people believe that they have lived before Claire White
21. The Army of God: An examination of religiously-motivated violence from a psychology of religion perspective Sacharias Wirén
22. The role of religiosity for youth and adolescent in critical life events – an empirical study Golde Hannah Marie Wissner
23. The Spiritual Dimension in Treatment and Everyday Life Berit Borgen
24. Gravity centre and god’s position in children’s drawings of gods Christelle Cocco
25. Rethinking Religious “Ideology” Judd King
26. How philosophers can use results in Cognitive Science of Religion Halvor Kvandal
27. What can religion and spirituality contribute with in dealing with cancer? Anahita Paula Rassoulian
28. Nature as therapeutic space Kirsten K. Roessler
29. Affects in Christian counselling Randi Synnove Tjernaes


Note to presenters: Poster dimensions should not exceed 90x120 cm.