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Monday 21 August

10:00 Registration opens
1300 – 1600 Pre-conferences
1300 – 1430 Dr. Pierre-Yves Brandt, Dr. Christelle Cocco, Dr. Grégory Dessart:
Annotating images: two methods developed on children’s drawings of gods
(Limited to 20 participants) Read more…
1430 – 1600 Dr. Kenneth I. Pargament:
From Research to Practice: Advances toward an Applied Psychology of Religion and Spirituality
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1630 – 1715 Opening Ceremony
1715 – 1815 Keynote lecture – Dr. Valerie DeMarinis:
Why Culture Matters: For public health, existential health, and health promotion
1830 Social event 1: Opening Dinner at Conference Hotel

Tuesday 22 August

0900 – 1000 Keynote lecture – Dr. Kenneth I. Pargament:
Culturally-Integrated Religious Coping: Advances from 30 Years of Research and Clinical Practice
1015 – 1145 Parallel session 1
1A Paper

Aging, illness and spirituality

Chair: Oddgeir Synnes

a) Ingebrigt Røen
b) Zhargalma Dandarova-Robert
c) Oddgeir Synnes
d) Kjetil Moen

1B Panel

Psychoanalysis and Religion: Contextualizing the believer and unbeliever, mysticism and metaphors – In honor of Ana-Maria Rizzutto

Chair: Göran Ståhle

a) Mario Aletti
b) Herman Westerink
c) Gry Stålsett, Leif Gunnar Engedal, Arne Austad

1C Paper

Fanatism and fundamentalism

Chair: Gregory Dessart

a) Geraldo de Paiva
b) Ragnhild Elisabeth Sørbotten Moen
c) Wellington Zangari
d) Igor Pietkiewicz

1D Paper

Violence and agentic evil

Chair: Hetty Zock

a) Zumrut Gedik
b) Hisham Abu-Raiya
c) Tomas Lindgren
d) Laird Edman

1E Panel

Meaning and health

Chair: Peter la Cour

a) Jessie Dezutter
b) Heidi Frølund Pedersen
c) Peter la Cour

1F Panel

Religion and Obsessionality/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Chair: Kate Miriam Loewenthal

a) Christopher Alan Lewis
b) Lamis Solaim
c) Kate Miriam Loewenthal

1145 – 1215 Poster presentation
1215 – 1315 LUNCH
1315 – 1445 Parallel session 2
2A Paper

Measures in spirituality/religiosity

Chair: Torgeir Sørensen

a) Emin Cihan Duyan
b) Pavel Moravec
c) Joanna Witowska

2B Paper

Health professionals, psychotherapy and spiritual comepetence

Chair: Marie Farstad

a) Amalia Carli
b) Fatima Fontes
c) Marta Helena Freitas
d) Jaclin Freire


2C Panel

Religiosity, Prejudice and Xenosophia

Chair: Constantin Klein

a) Constantin Klein
b) Matthias Lühr
c) Heinz Streib
d) Sakin Özisik

2D Paper

Sexual orientation, marital satisfaction and gender issues Chair: Mikael Lundmark

a) Michael Nielsen
b) Mohammad Hassan Asayesh
c) Aryeh Lazar
d) Paweł Łowicki

2E Paper

Children, adolescence and new media

Chair: Halina Grzymala-Moszczynska

a) Rosa Scardigno
b) Gregory Dessart
c) Cecilia Melder
d) Enza Altomare Zagaria

2F Paper

Severe illness, religiosity and meaning-making

Chair: Hans Stifoss-Hanssen

a) Ingela Visuri
b) Üzeyir Ok
c) Hans Stifoss-Hanssen
d) Aleksandra Niemyjska

1500 – 1630 Parallel session 3
3A Paper

Cognitive science and religion

Chair: Knut Hestad

a) Valerie van Mulukom
b) Halvor Kvandal
c) Konrad Szocik
d) Katie Givens Kime

3B Paper

Psychotherapy and religious/spiritual issues

Chair: Dorte Toudal Viftrup

a) Christina Sophia Lloyd
b) Ricko Damberg Nissen
c) Sebastian Murken
d) Dorte Toudal Viftrup

3C Panel

Multidisciplinary perspectives on the projection of beliefs about science and religion

Chair: Carissa Sharp

a) Emma Preece
b) Stephen H. Jones
c) Carissa A. Sharp

3D Panel

The Social Functions of Religiousness and Spirituality: Virtue, Vice, and Sex

Chair: Sarah Schnitker

a) Kevin Ladd
b) Sarah Schnitker
c) Patty Van Cappellen
d) Caroline Rigo

3E Paper

Secular contexts and meaning-making/world views

Chair: Hans Alma

a) Christina Prinds
b) Torgeir Sørensen
c) Hans Alma
d) Miguel Farias

3F Panel

Complex roles and manifestations of religion in psychopathology. Clinical studies from the Netherlands

Chair: Anja Visser

a) Hanneke Muthert
b) Hanneke Schaap-Jonker
c) Eva Ouwehand
d) Hetty Zock

1630 – 1700   Coffee break
1715 – 1815   Godin prize winner lecture – Dr. Wade Rowatt

Wednesday 23 August

0900 – 1000 Keynote lecture – Dr. Tatjana Schnell
Meaning in Life, Mental and Physical Health: Insights, Interpretation, Implementation
1015 – 1145 Parallel session 4
4A Panel

Longitudinal Study of Religious Development: Toward a Typology of Different Trajectories

Chair: Barbara Keller

a) Barbara Keller
b) Ramona Bullik
c) Ralph W. Hood Jr.
d) Christopher Silver

4B Panel

Perceiving God in our Minds: Advancing Research on God Representations and God Attachment

Chair: Daryl Van Tongeren

a) Daryl R. Van Tongeren
b) Frances Nkar
c) Kari Halstensen

4C Panel

Religion and morality: cross-cultural, multidimensional, and bidirectional

Chair: Jonathan Jong

a) Aiyana Willard
b) HughTurpin
c) Jennifer Brown

4D Paper

Theoretical perspectives and human development

Chair: Robert Dykstra

a) Jorien Copier
b) Benjamin Purzycki
c) Göran Ståhle
d) Robert Dykstra

4E Panel

Cultivating Resilience in the Midst of Hardship: A Psychosocial, Spiritual, and Physical Health Study among Syrian Refugees in Istanbul

Chair: Önver Cetrez

a) Önver Cetrez
b) Valerie DeMarinis, Victor Dudas
c) Halina Grzymala-Moszczynska

4F Paper

Young adults, identity and religion/sprituality

Chair: Christoffer Alan Lewis

a) Kyoung Ok Seol
b) Ulrike Popp-Baier
c) Sari Murtonen

1145 – 1215 Poster presentation
1215 – 1315 LUNCH
1315 – 1445 Parallel session 5
5A Panel

Recent Methodological Advances in the Study of Religion: A Panel Organised by the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (IACSR)

Chair: John Shaver

a) LeRon Shults
b) Martin Lang
c) Uffe Schjødt

5B Paper

God and Jesus representations

Chair: Christina Lloyd

a) Karisha George
b) Kathryn Johnson
c) Christopher Silver

5C Paper

Culture, place, spirituality, and pananormal experiences

Chair: Fereshteh Ahmadi

a) Joel Gruneau Brulin
b) Hasan Kaplan
c) Victor Counted
d) Leonardo Martins

5D Paper

Chaplaincy and near death experiences

Chair: Heidi F. Pedersen

a) Hanne Bess Boelsbjerg
b) Yukako Nahlbom
c) Saliha Uysal
d) Øystein Buer

5E Panel

Researching “lived religion” from a psychological perspective

Chair: Adam Anczyk

a) Adam Anczyk
b) Anna Górka
c) Jacek Prusak
d) Agnieszka Krzysztof-Świderska

5F Panel

The Existential dimension and health: Recognizing existential needs within different Norwegian health care settings

Chair: Anne Austad

a) Hilde Frøkedal
b) Tor-Arne Isene
c) Ingvild Engh Vattø
d) Ane Inger Bondahl Søberg

1500 – 1630 Parallel session 6
6A Panel

The Cognitive Science of Religion, Culture, and Individual Differences: Examining the Boundaries of the Theory

Chair: Laird Edman

a) Kirsten Lesage
b) Erin I. Smith
c) Julie E. Yonker
d) Paricia L. Bruininks

6B Paper

Emotions, religiosity and meaning-making

Chair: Gunn-Ingrid Ulstein

a) Jonathan Morgan
b) Magdalena Żemojtel-Piotrowska
c) Einar Eidsaa Edland
d) Marte Bygstad-Landro

6C Paper

Cultural changes and conversion

Chair: Valerie DeMarinis

a) Insook Lee
b) Hannes Sonnenschein
c) Ketevan Mosashvili
d) James Murphy

6D Paper

Spirituality and spiritual care

Chair: Kirsten Tornøe

a) Katarzyna Skrzypińska
b) Nihal Işbilen Esendir
c) Elisabeth Mæland
d) Kirsten Tornøe

6E Panel

Understanding Unbelief

Chair: Kyle Messick, Miguel Farias

a) Kyle Messick, Blanca Aranda, Jonathan Jong, Valerie van Mulukom, Miguel Farias
b) Nick Stauner
c) Tommy Coleman, Jonathan Jong, Valerie van Mulukom, Miguel Farias
d) Hugh Turpin

6F Paper

Cancer patients and religious/spiritual coping and struggles

Chair: Kevin Ladd

a) Mikael Lundmark
b) Fereshteh Ahmadi
c) Suvi-Maria Saarelainen
d) Tor Torbjørnsen

1630 – 1700   Coffee break
1715 – 1815 Young Career Award lecture – Dr. Patty van Cappellen
1830 Social event 2:
Pilgrims’ walk
Concert in the Old Glass Cathedral Domkirkeodden

Thursday 24 August

0900 – 1000 Keynote lecture – Dr. Mohammad Khodayarifard:
Religiosity enhancement in adolescents: Using life skills training
1015 – 1145 Parallel session 7
7A Paper

Religious orientation

Chair: Jacob Belzen

a) Shawn Makadia
b) Anna-Konstanze Schröder
c) Fatima Regina Machado
d) Victor Dudas

7B Paper

Religious experience and development

Chair: Hilde Frøkedal

a) Marianne Rodriguez Nygaard
b) Jonathan Doner
c) Aino-Elina Kilpeläinen
d) Peter Hill

7C Panel

Psychology of Religion and/or Psychology of Spirituality? Does Psychology of Religion Actually Need the Notion of Spirituality?

Chair: Mario Aletti

a) Mario Aletti and Alessandro Antonietti
b) Geraldo José De Paiva
c) Daniela Fagnani and Mario Aletti
d) Stefano Golasmici

7D Paper

Trauma and religious/spiritual changes

Chair: Sebastian Murken

a) Habibe Erdis Gökce
b) Chang-Ho Ji
c) Michael Galea

7E Paper

Non-ordinary experiences and the main concepts in psychology of religion Chair: Niels Christian Hvidt

a) Ann Taves
b) James Meredith Day
c) Niels Christian Hvidt
d) Raymond F. Paloutzian

7F Panel

Acts of God in the Mind, Body and Soul

Chair: Nick Stauner

a) Julie J. Exline
b) Seyma N. Saritoprak
c) Jessica R. Kusina
d) Valencia A. Harriott

1145 – 1215 Poster presentation
1215 – 1315 LUNCH
1315 – 1445 Parallel session 8
8A Workshop

Exploring and concentrating on character strengths of oneself and the others in positive religious psychotherapy

Facilitator: Mohammad Khodayarifard


8B Paper

Mystical experience and transcendence

Chair: Katarzyna Skrzypińska

a) Lotte Pummerer
b) Maryam Bakhtyar
c) Jarosław Piotrowski

8C Open forum discussion

Open Science Ideals, Practices, and Dissemination Within the International Psychology of Religion Community

Chair: Alex Uzdavines

a) Peter Hill
b) Thomas J. Coleman III
c) Nicholas J. S. Gibson
d) Nick Stauner

8E Paper

Positive variables, mental health and religiosity/spirituality

Chair: Amalia Carli

a) Connor Wood
b) Jordan LaBouff
c) Ali Ayten
d) Fatumetul Zehra Guldas

1500 – 1600   General Assembly
1600 – 1630 Closing Ceremony